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Jobox lets you manage your business all in one app. Message your customers, create professional invoices, process payment and get weekly automated settlements reports to make accounting easier. Depending on your location and skillset, you can also get jobs for free and schedule your availability to only get jobs when you want them.

01 — add your Phone number

Add your phone number to create an account and communicate with partners

02 — Customize your experience

Enter your email, profession and location so we can customize your experience

03 — Verify your identity

Verify your information to manage jobs and receive payments in the app

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One device for all your payments

One credit card reader for all your payments - swipe, dip, tap, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Automated invoices and receipts

Get automated invoices that include scope of work and receipts ready to sign by your customers when the job is completed.

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Automated weekly reports

Make accounting easy! Receive automated weekly reports for all your completed jobs.

Easy dispute resolutions

Jobox has one of the highest dispute winning rates on the market. The app makes resolving disputes easy, so you can focus on delighting your customers.

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