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Earn & spend directly from Jobox

The Jobox Financial Account gives you more flexibility and visibility over how you earn and spend money for your business. Get a debit card directly connected to your Jobox account, make withdrawals at ATMs, receive micro loans, and get rewards and cash back on inventory purchases from the Jobox app.

Illustration showing a financial account inside of a phone app and next to a branded debit card.

No monthly fees or minimum balance

Jobox wallet

Here's why pros trust our platform

$1 Billion+

in payments that pros have processed through the Jobox platform

$3.6 Million

in inventory purchases that pros have made through the Jobox platform


of our accounts are secured with Goldman Sachs and Stripe

Jobox financial account

More flexibility over your Jobox earnings

Transfer funds to your colleagues and partners for free

Pay for any business need from your Jobox account

Use Jobox debit card to withdraw cash at any ATM

Receive cash back and rewards on your inventory purchases

Fuel your business

Use microloans to cover your business needs

Whether you are growing your business, or need an urgent cash injection for an equipment repair, we got you covered with pre-approved business micro-loans.

Track your expenses

Export automated expense reports

Track your expenses to stick to a budget, manage your spending or use our comprehensive reports when filling for taxes.

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One app to run your business

How Avery uses Jobox to run his business

Manage and communicate with your customers

Issue professional invoices and service receipts

Process all payments with a modern card reader

Get automated weekly settlement reports

Jobox connect

Get free jobs directly to your app

Depending on your location and skillset, you can also get jobs for free and schedule your availability to only get jobs when you want them.

01 — add your Phone number

Add your phone number to create an account and communicate with partners

02 — Customize your experience

Enter your email, profession and location so we can customize your experience

03 — Verify your identity

Verify your information to manage jobs and receive payments in the app

04 — Start Earning

Start earning on Jobox!

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Jobox FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose Jobox?

Jobox puts your business in your hands. It makes it easy to manage jobs, payments, work messages, and inventory in one app. Depending on your location and skills, it can also find you good jobs that make sense for your schedule. Soon, it will allow you to connect with other pros and find training. With Jobox, you’re part of a community where your success matters.

How will Jobox make my work easier?

We’re building a platform that lets pros like you run their business on their phone and take control of their growth. We don’t charge any subscription fee, and our card processing fees are among the lowest on the market. We also let pros share jobs on the platform and find new ways to get jobs outside of traditional dispatchers and lead generation platforms. Here are some highlights:

Invoicing and payments made easy

  • Lowest credit card fees in the market
  • Digital invoices with used parts & scope of work
  • Collect customer’s signature on-site or remotely
  • Automatically issue branded service receipt

Manage all your jobs in one app

  • Jobox turns texts into well-formatted job offers
  • Schedule future jobs and receive reminders
  • Search for any active, past, or future jobs

New ways to level up your business

  • Exchange jobs with other pros in your area
  • Free business website with a service request form
  • Earn cash back on your business purchases with Jobox Pay
Is there a monthly payment or subscription fee?

No, the Jobox app is free to use. We do not charge to download the app, access certain features, or get customer support.

What are Jobox’s processing fees?

At Jobox, we offer the most secure, fast, and easy payment processing. You can accept all types of credit cards for the lowest rate, with no hidden fees. You pay only 2.6% +10¢ per transaction processed with the Jobox Card Reader and only 3.5% + 15¢ for keyed-in and remote transactions.

Which payment methods can I take with Jobox?

The most secure and reliable method to get paid is to use the Jobox credit card reader. It connects to your phone using Bluetooth and can accept any type of digital payment - swipe, dip, tap, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. Plus it provides a seamless interface that makes it more likely for you to get tips. You can also use the app to report cash, checks, and external transactions that were taken on a job.

How do I get jobs?

On Jobox, you can set up your jobs by accepting jobs from other partners or adding your own jobs into the app. Depending on your profession and location, you can also join the Jobox Marketplace to get jobs from our demand partners. All you need to do is set up your Connect account by adding your skill set, availability, and location. This way our unique AI dispatching algorithm will learn to send you jobs that fit you best.

How do I get started?

Get started with Jobox in 4 simple steps:

  1. Add your phone number to create an account and communicate with partners
  2. Customize your experience by providing your email, profession, and location
  3. Verify your identity to manage jobs and receive payments in the app
  4. Start earning on Jobox!
Do I need a Social Security number to sign up for Jobox?

Jobox does not require a U.S. Social Security Number (SSN) to open an account, but you will need it to open payment processing options and benefits. Your Social Security Number helps us validate your identity and protect your business from fraud.

We protect all data that passes through our platform with industry-standard encryption, and we only access it when absolutely necessary for transaction processing or for legal purposes.

Excited for the upcoming updates?

Sign up and we’ll notify you once the Jobox financial account is available.