We're making an impact on people's livelihood, one service at a time

Since 2018, Jobox has been focused on modernizing the way skilled professionals in the home service industry work. We're building tools and partnerships to make their job simpler, efficient, and more rewarding,  so they can focus on their skillset and providing better service.

Let's build a world where anyone can live a rewarding life, on their own terms

The era of long careers in the corporate world is coming to an end. Now, workers expect freedom, flexibility, diversity of work and control of their livelihood. But they don't have the reach of bigger businesses, which can make it hard to grow and make a good living.

By partnering with retailers, marketplaces, franchises and small businesses around the US, Jobox gives pros opportunities to find customers while staying in control of their career.

On one hand, demand partners get to expand their business and provide their customers with complementary services. On the other, pros get access to large networks of customers while remaining their own boss and providing their customers with the fast and reliable services they're looking for. It's a Win-Win-Win.

Working smarter

By applying technology and automation to improve a historically pen-and-paper industry, Jobox helps pros and home service marketplaces work smarter and with more clarity. We simplify workflows, speed up payments, and make admin tasks less exhausting with nuanced algorithms and empathetic features.

Connecting an industry

We remove barriers and improve communication between all the players in the home service industry so that everybody wins. Pros get end-to-end clarity — from taking a job to getting paid, plus a fairer share of profits. And home service marketplaces get a turnkey platform to connect their customers with the reliable, local professionals they need.

Bringing flexibility

Customer expectations are changing quickly, and technology is constantly shifting the gig economy. Jobox makes things simpler and more flexible on both sides of the home service marketplace so businesses can be nimble and adapt.

We're not just building a community, we are one.

Growing from a few founders in San Francisco to an international team can be a challenge. But for us, the goal was always to make sure we kept our sense of belonging. Our team is a blend of engineers, product builders and former pros who are all united under the same mission - to modernize the future of work for the 3% of the US workforce that pros represent.

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