A turn-key platform 
to launch your home 
service marketplace

Jobox is the fastest and easiest way to integrate home services into your marketplace. Our set of programmable APIs and tools allows you to build and scale end-to-end customer experiences from onboarding to payment—all while having Jobox handle KYC.

Automated dispatching

Dispatch your customer jobs to a pro in 60 seconds

As soon as you send a job to the Jobox platform, our algorithm automatically parses the job details in order to identify the different dispatching parameters. We then dispatch the job automatically to the right pro based on dozens of criteria without any human intervention.


Get the most reliable pro to complete the job on time

Our algorithm ensures your job gets completed by the right pro and on time. We look at a pro's skillset, availability and location and match the data with the parameters of the job you send us. From this analysis, Jobox automatically selects a cluster of pros that best match your job, and sends them the job all at the same time. The first one to respond gets the job.


Follow a job from matching to final payment

Our Demand Partner dashboard provides end-to-end visibility into each job. From the second the job is dispatched, you can see the job status, details about the pro who accepted the job, as well as completion status. Once the job is closed, you automatically receive the full closing report.


Create holistic and seamless customer journeys

Jobox provides a secure job flow that perfectly matches your site. Your customers get a seamless experience under your brand from job request to final invoice and receipt. All communication between your customer and the Jobox pro is done via a secure virtual number.


Track job insights and revenue weekly

Jobox provides you with detailed closing reports and weekly reconciliation for all the jobs you send us. Clearly see how much revenue you are collecting on a weekly basis from different job categories and different markets.

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We're making an impact on people's livelihood, one service at a time

Since 2018, Jobox has been focused on modernizing the way skilled professionals in the home service industry work. We're building tools and partnerships to make their job simpler so they can spend more time doing what they love and be with the people they love.

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